Тип BGN-1 55 галлонов из нержавеющей стали погрузчик барабанного погрузчика

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Тип BGN-1 55 галлонов из нержавеющей стали погрузчик барабанного погрузчика


Drum handling made easy. A good field of vision allows the operator to continually observe the drum being handled. The operator does not leave the drivers seat. The unique Grab Beak design provides a high clamping force, even when travelling over uneven ground. With few moving parts this attachment requires no down time for repairs. These Lifters are suitable for standard 205 litre steel or plastic drums.
The type BGN-1 has been designed to lift a single drum while the type BGN-2 has been designed to lift 2 drums side by side or a single drum by either Grab Beak mechanism. A contoured rest acts at a point low enough down the drum to prevent damage to the drum and its labelling.


Используется с вилочным погрузчиком для перемещения или штабелирования масляных бочек с высокой эффективностью, экономя место для хранения.

Превосходная способность зажима

Подходит для стандартных барабанов на 200 л

Обработка поверхности: окрашенная или оцинкованная поверхность



№ барабанов



Fork Pocket Size(mm)

Расстояние вилки (мм)

Load Centre(mm)

Вес блока (кг)
















The safest drum lifter available. This attachment ensures 205L steel drums are moved with 100% security. The drum is quickly clamped via eccentric lock. A further safety catch prevents accidental release.

* 1000kg Safe Working Load
* Unit Weight 60kg
* Load Centre 1160mm
* Pocket Size 165 x 65mm
* Pocket Centres 335mm

The fully automatic clamping action enables safe and precise placement of drums. To grip the drum simply push the arms against drum centre and drive forward. The arms will engage around the drum and lock under the rolling hoop when raised. The heavier the load, the tighter the grip. To release lower down and drive backwards.Slip on mechanical drum lifters suitable for both steel and plastic drums. Beak design provides positive holding pressure when travelling. Clamping and release functions are automatic and do not require the operator to leave the

drivers seat. Suitable for use with 205 litre steel, plastic open top and ring lock drums.Available in both single and double drum lifting models.Simple operation:To lift drum simply tilt forklift mast forward, place lower attachment jaw under the drums top lip and raise the attachment. The grab mechanism will automatically engage.To release simply lower the attachment with the mast vertical and place drum on the ground. The grab mechanism willautomatically release.

Быстрые Детали

Место происхождения: Фуцзянь, Китай (материк)
Фирменное наименование: HUAMAI
Model Number: BGN1
After-sales Service Provided:No overseas service provided
Product Name: Forklift drum lifter
Type: BGN1
Capacity: 1000kg
Fork Pocket Size(mm): 180*60mm
Fork Distance (mm): 250mm
Load Centre(mm): 1210mm
No. of Drums: 1