Кран-манипулятор с фиксированным креплением

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Кран-манипулятор с фиксированным креплением

Type STJL2.5 Tilt Jib (Long)

The type STJL2.5 Tilt Jib (Long) is one of the most versatile Forklift Jib attachment in our range, allowing extra height to 2.51 metres, with a 3.66 metre reach when fully extended. This Jib has been designed with wide pockets suitable for Forklifts with special hydraulic Tine Positioners. This slip-on attachment is held to the Forklift by a safety chain. The Jibs overall length when closed is 2.23 metres.

Supplied with safety swivel Hook and Shackle.


· Safe Working Load (SWL) 2500kg Max.

· Unit Weight 205kg

· Load Centre 1085mm

· Pocket Size 165 x 65

· Pocket Centres 740 mm

· Horizontal C of G 1350mm

· Vertical C of G 380mm

· Zinc Finish

Быстрые Детали

Место происхождения: Фуцзянь, Китай (материк)
Фирменное наименование: HUAMAI
Model Number: STJL2.5
Product Name: Machineal fixed attachment carriage mounted forklift jib crane
Type: STJL2.5
Safe Working Load: 2500kg Max.
Unit Weight:205kg
Load Centre: 1085mm
Карманный размер: 165 х 65
Pocket Centres: 740 mm
Horizontal C of G: 1350mm
Vertical C of G: 380mm

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forklift crane attachment (fork-mounted) - Manual telescopic adjustable in height
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What is a crane jib?
A crane jib allows you to lift loads that are not suitable for pallets or have unconventional dimensions. Multiple lifting positions can be used along the fork blade. Depending on the required mounting type, we offer 2 models: fork-mounted crane jibs and carriage-mounted crane jibs. They are fully tested and CE-certified.

Crane jibs are commonly used in the construction industry. This attachment is suitable for many types of machines. In addition to forklift jibs, we also sell crane jib attachments for telehandlers.

What are the benefits of a crane jib?
By using a jib attachment you can lift loads that are not suitable for pallets or have unusual dimensions.

Какие варианты доступны?
There are several options available to tailor your crane jibs to your exact application needs. Options include:

Capacity range: from 1000 kg to 5000 kg
Fork-mounted or carriage-mounted
Fixed or with telescopic arm