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Отличная цена на погрузчик

Quality assurance

• Reduced weight with high quality, abrasion resistant material.
• Extra side and bottom wear plates.
• One or two web plates provide additional strength and distribute stresses evenly throughout the bucket.
• Wide and shallow profile with flat bottom and smaller capacity
• Deep profile ideal for leveling and loading applications.
• Drain holes available on each side or at the bottom.
• Additional bolted reversible under-blade.


Product Detail

ТипForklift bucket
MaterialQ345B, Q460,NM360/400,HARDOX450/500
suitable1t-50t Excavator and backhoe
заявкаGeneral Purpose Use for soft or well loosened material
Warranty6 Months-12months
PackingWooden Pallet or Customized
Surface treatmentPolishing, shotblasting, pre-heating,annealing etc
High quality staffsWe have many experienced staffs more than 10 years in this industry

Быстрые Детали

Место происхождения: Сямынь, Китай (материк)
Фирменное наименование: HUAMAI
Type: Forklift bucket
Material: Q345B, Q460,NM360/400,HARDOX450/500
Width: 300mm-2500mm
Weight: 50kg-3000kg
suitable: 1t-50t Excavator and backhoe
Application: General Purpose Use for soft or well loosened material
Warranty: 6 Months-12months
Packing: Wooden Pallet or Customized
Surface treatment: Polishing, shotblasting, pre-heating,annealing etc
High quality staffs: We have many experienced staffs

Bucket Attachments - Whenever companies evaluate their expenses and like to decrease overhead, unnecessary machine rentals and acquisitions are the very first thing to be eliminated. A lot of construction companies feel that loaders have become a cumbersome expenditure and many of their jobs could be accomplished with the effectiveness and versatility provided by forklift buckets.

A lift truck bucket could be acquired for a lot less than it costs to lease a loader for a few months. It will transform your extendable reach forklift into a material handling and loading piece of equipment that operates efficiently. This setup will provide increased range compared to typical loaders and have a lot more adaptability in general. Completing jobs like for instance placing gravel on a large, flat roof to dumping trash into a dumpster could all be quickly and safely accomplished. There are various lift truck buckets accessible meant for certain applications.

Universal Fit Buckets

Universal Fit buckets also referred to as "slip-on-the-forks" forklift attachment buckets. These buckets can be utilized together with whichever make and model of extendable reach forklift. If your unit can't be matched with a quick-tach unit, another brand new or second-hand universal fit bucket could be located instead. Regular universal forklift buckets attach to blades that are up to 6" wide and are 48" long. Larger fork pockets can be ordered through an account executive upon request.

As they slip directly onto the blades, universal fit buckets stay on the equipment and are much less vulnerable to damage. As opposed to the quick-tach container models, universal fit buckets are fifty percent. This extra space makes them ideal for lifting irregular shaped loads such as elevating roof gravel, moving large debris piles, broken up concrete, backfilling behind walls and tearing off roof trash.

Quick-Tach Buckets

Quick-Tach Buckets are constructed for extendable-reach forklifts. They are made to allow positioning of materials far beyond the reach of a loader. A hardened beveled cutting blade on both sides and on the leading edge reinforces strength, resistance to damage and provides supreme durability. Quick-Tach forklift buckets are enhanced by scuff bars along the bottom of the unit which protect it from scrapes.

Quick-Tach lift buckets can in several cases replace the blades and carriage of a forklift, which may weigh somewhere between one hundred to seven hundred pounds. These buckets when installed can free up more load capacity, enabling it to handle both bigger and heavier supplies. The Quick-Tach is able to dump things approximately 1.5 feet higher due to the shorter depth of its bucket. These buckets are built in a customized fashion to be able to suit all the specifications of specific models and makes of lifts. It is important to check with a construction equipment specialist in order to find the modified Quick-Tach bucket solution for all your requirements.

Lift truck bucket attachments are outstanding for ground level work on construction location sites. They are normally meant for transporting snow in northern regions, and sand and gravel loading. Jobsite clean-up is another function the lift truck bucket carries out well. The numerous uses the bucket can complete saves the business a lot of time and money as it does need to completely switch tools or machinery and this can help prevent running into overtime.